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The above named entity hereby submits an offer to buy the item described above. This offer to buy cancels 10 days after the initial bid is submitted.
It is hereby agreed and understood that Great Lakes Brokers and the Lienholder, neither expresses, implies, nor warrants the condition of, or makes any representations concerning the above bid item being offered for sale, in as-is, where-is condition.
1. All bids are strictly confidential.
2. You may not inquire if you are high or low bidder.
3. You may resubmit a higher bid at any time.
4. There is no predetermined minimum bid levels. You should submit the highest bid you feel is applicable.
5. Lienholder reserves the right to bid.
6. Upon acceptance and approval of the high bid by the lienholder, we will notify the high bidder only.
7. We will obtain and prepare the title paperwork:
a. The high bidder will be notified that they have 48 hours to deliver certified funds, payable to Great Lakes Brokers.
b. If the high bidder fails to deliver certified funds to us within 48 hours after notification, the high bidder shall:
i. Remit the sum of $125.00 to us as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, and ii. Forfeit its status, and all rights, interests and privileges pertaining thereto, as high bidder and agrees that we may re-offer the above-described item for bid or sale on the same or different terms described herein or alternatively dispose of such item in any manner we so choose.
8. All sales are subject to the cost of Michigan sales tax, title and new plate or transferring plate as well as document fees applicable by state law. The high bidder is responsible for these costs.
9. Any violation of the above policies will result in your bid being voided and a permanent ban from all future bidding.
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